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New Moon

January 21st, 2011 3 comments

New Moon

Disc One: 01. Angel In The Snow From the Jan/Feb 1995 sessions at Leslie Uppinghouse’s home studio that yielded much of the S/T record. Elliott’s mix appeared on a CD that came with Mike McGonigal’s magazine, Yeti: Volume I. 02. Talking to Mary From the 1995 sessions at Leslie’s. This is Elliott’s rough mix as the master tape is sadly missing. 03. High Times From the 1995 sessions at Leslie’s. An early working title was “Coma Kid”. The “drums” are really just doubled snare (with the throw off loose) and ride cymbal. 04. New Monkey From sessions for Either/Or. The “bar” was certainly La Luna in Portland, with “the millions of fans ignoring the bands.” 05. Looking Over My Shoulder From sessions for Either/Or. The title of this song is not certain. 06. Going Nowhere From sessions for Either/Or. Due to the limits of eight tracks you rarely get bass guitar on these sessions unless it is integral to the arrangement. One of the most haunting songs in this collection. 07. Riot

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