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Only An Ignorant Few Don T Know This Much About Picking The Top Diet And Fast Weight Loss Programs

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The definition of a very low calorie diet (VLCD) is a diet where you consume just 800 calories or less each day. Most people will find cutting their calories to this level to be very difficult indeed, even though everyone’s nutritional needs differ, which is why nearly all diet programs like this will provide prepared formulas for you to consume. It is advised to think about some of the following points before you go on a very low calorie diet. How many calories should i eat a day Very low calorie diets are deemed to be unhealthy by some experts, but there’s another opinion out there and some people reckon they’re the key to a long life. One theory, that’s got research based primarily on animals, says that by drastically cutting your intake of calories you can help disease prevention and make the process of aging slower. Because they believe that they will live longer, people who believe this view will go on a very low calorie diet regardless of whether they’re overweight or not. The Calorie Restriction Society is an organization that’s dedicated to this practice. This theory hasn’t been either proven or disproved with humans, but it’s certainly something that could be studied further. 1200 calorie diet

The Rice Diet was comprised in the 1930s by Walter Kempner, who felt that a food regimen that was largely made up of rice; was a good treatment for such illnesses as hypertension and kidney disease. This is a low calorie diet that can also help people to lose weight. While rice isn’t the only food you can eat on this diet, you will be eating rice along with anything else, so if you’re considering this you have to like, or at least be able to tolerate rice! The advantage of the Rice Diet is that it cuts out processed foods, and is extremely low in fat, salt and sugar. This diet is quite rigorous and would not be recommended for use on a long term basis. How many calories to lose weight The hCG Diet combines both hormone injections and a very low calorie diet to promote weight loss.

Women naturally produce the hormone hCG, Human Choriogonadotropin, when they’re pregnant. This diet dates back to the 1950s when someone named Dr. Simeons wrote a book about how this hormone could help people to eat less and not feel hungry by getting injections of this hormone. The hCG Diet is considered to be potentially unsafe and it’s very controversial. You should take a look at the opinions on both sides if you’re considering the hCG Diet. For people who are extremely overweight, and have a medical condition due to this, very low calorie diets can provide
them with some benefits. However it isn’t wise to go on this kind of diet without being supervised by a medical professional as there are various side effects and risks involved, like dehydration and malnutrition.

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